Maddening – Mental Educational Neglect

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The state of the educational system, in the UK, on mental health education is maddening. Let’s just put it out there.

When I was in school, the only mental health information I was given was a brief, short texted paragraph in a book for Learning for Life and Work about depression, as well as a few days class in which we had to learn about eating disorders, in Home Economics.

Frankly, I don’t think this is good enough. I don’t blame the school, but the board of education. The government not prioritizing mental health like it should be.

In the UK, one out of four people suffer from a mental illness. It has become a concern for people everywhere. If you do not suffer from some form of mental illness, someone close to you does and they haven’t spoken about it, or you might be aware of it already.

For years, I thought everyone thought the same way that I did. That everyone got the same distress. I only found out through a magazine – a gossip one at that, which spoke of an actress which suffered the same thing.

Surely our schools and educational centers across the whole world should be teaching us this, and not just a select few schools? Especially if it plays so heavy into society? This would be ideal, however, currently, young people are suffering and thinking that everyone is suffering the same. If they were informed. Educated, they could get the help they need before it is too late.

The governments slow response to the mental health crisis is an issue in itself, and the board of education is among those that we should be calling to be reviewed on this crisis.

Young people could become better educated, more aware and empathetic towards those who are suffering if they were taught about mental illness, as well as taught how to understand and respond to those who are suffering, or to seek help themselves.

Young people are the future, and they should be taught what was mistakenly left out. They should be made aware of struggles and taught to become accepting and open minded.

If we don’t provide the educational tools, as well as the human emotion and empathy, only more suffering will follow, and that in itself is maddening.


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  1. It’s a problem in the US as well in schools, it’s sickening!

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