Am I enough?

Everyone has insecurities. Little things that makes them tick. Little points which make them stumble. Things which play on them in bad ways, and good ways. Everyone on this planet has an insecurity, whether they should like to admit it or not.

It could be Angelina Jolie, or Simon Cowell. No matter who they are, where they came from, their background, their wealth, their achievement; each and every single person who walks this earth, has an insecurity. A flaw. A rub which gets to them.

It could be their hair, their looks, their weight, their intelligence, their self-worth. No matter what it is, you will be assured that you have one. Think on it for a moment.

What gets you to doubt yourself? What makes you look at yourself in the mirror, or reflect on your life, and makes you think – Am I enough?

Think of it, focus on it briefly. Then, as best you can, dismiss it.

Insecurities can hold us back from the things that we wish to accomplish. Think of it – if Alan Turing had let his insecurities about his intelligence get to him, he would have never gotten a job at Bletchley. He would have never worked on puzzles, and code. He never would have adapted the Bombe machine, and he would have never broke the Enigma code during WW2. As a result, millions of more people would have died. The war would have been lengthened. There would have been such an aftermath of turmoil that the politicians would have been pleading on their knees for solutions.

This example is an extreme one, but nevertheless, it is key. What if you had the opportunity to be the you-version of Alan Turing? What if you had the opportunity to do something amazing for the world, but let insecurities hold you back?

Insecurities are hard to overcome, and they are one of the things that make us human. Bullies have insecurities, dictators have them. On the other side, inspirational people have them, good-powerful people have them. Your mother, your father, your neighbour, your teacher. Everyone that you meet in life has something which holds them back from achieving their full potential, and it always leads to the thought: ‘Am I enough?’

Yes, yes you are. Simply put.

That niggling feeling in your head? That voice which puts you down – slap it away with such force that it would have needed a plaster. You’re enough. No matter who you are, where you are, anything.

We need to stop letting things downgrade us. Media, news – many things.

How many of us look at supermodels and think: ‘yeah, actually, I do look as good as them’?

How many of us look at Einstein and think: ‘I could achieve things like he did’?

With the influence of the media, the influence of people’s opinions, celebrity opinions and many other things – if they are negative messages, they can make us doubt our self-worth. Why let these messages get to you when you already doubt yourself?

We should seek out positivity instead. If you can believe in yourself, you can achieve it. I have seen many teachers who encourage and believe in their students -especially ones who struggle, and that encouragement that the teacher give them actually does impact students so profoundly. So that it seems that teachers who spread positivity and encouragement, seem to have a higher success rate for their students.

When you meet a stranger today, or if someone shouts or snaps at you, hold your tongue before you speak. Think to yourself: ‘do they think they are enough?’

I assure you, it does let you get to some reflection and it leads to less conflict, if you consider others situations before snapping back. I know I’m an offender for snapping back,so it is a work in progress. But nonetheless,an attempt.

Give yourself encouragement in the day. Try to think to yourself in the morning: ‘I am enough, and I’m worth it. I will always be enough, no matter what anyone says’.

Also give others encouragement. It might be small to you, but you can change someones confidence for the good by telling them that they are enough, that they can do it.

A short guide to boost your confidence:

  1. Repeat to yourself – ‘I am enough. This will be especially useful when you have something big to accomplish’.
  2. Accept compliments – Yes, it’s nice to be modest, and you can act it externally. However, when someone compliments you, think on it and ask yourself why they complimented you. Not out of self-pity or for the sake of being nice, they complimented you for a good thing and you should think of that good thing and how good it makes you feel.
  3. Compliment someone else – making others feel good will make you feel good for making someones day.
  4. Act confident,even if you’re not – I’ve heard of a few people doing this and it seems that faking it really does help you to feel more confident.
  5. Pat yourself on the back – Reward yourself when you accomplish something. Yes, you could look back on improvements for future tasks, but focus on how well you did and how proud you should be of yourself for reaching your goal.
  6. Try again – If you don’t reach your goal, don’t put yourself down. Reassess what went wrong, and what went right and try again. Trying again shows that you are working hard and that you won’t give up. Even if trying again means trying it a year later, still think how good it is that you’re giving something another go.
  7. Smile – Even if it’s fake. Therapy groups in India have a training regime where they smile and laugh for ten minutes everyday to boost themselves. So smile to yourself,and laugh. You’re enough, you always will be. So let yourself feel good, even if it’s only an exercise.
  8. Give yourself encouragement during the day – Lets be honest, we should all do it.

Remember, you are enough and don’t let anyone else and their insecurities bully you into making you feel worthless. You are enough.


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