This post is more one of irritation. That’s simply the only way to put it. I was on facebook when I saw a very irritating post from one of the LAD Bible pages. It was a line up of items with one slightly off centre. The caption? ‘Something to mess with your OCD’.

Ah no. Those who regard that as OCD are, simply put, idiots. So, this post is to the idiots. The ignorant and poorly educated toss pots that need to go back to school and take a class on mental health, and if the school doesn’t offer it, they need to do their own research, or you know, take the lazy but helpful route of watching the fucking documentaries.

So this is to you, you ignorant bastards (Of course, this is only directed to the idiots who are too poorly educated and think OCD is about perfectly fucking lined items). To you tosspots that need to use your brain cells a little more.


I was sent threatening mails on facebook today because I commented that the picture was in fact, not a representation of OCD. An hour later, I had to delete the comment because I was having idiots mail me telling me to ”Fuck up, or you will be fucked up”.

So do you know what? No. I won’t fuck up. You, on the other hand, should,because you are so poorly educated that you must use your tongue to clean your ass after you take a shit and think it was toilet paper.

I will express what is and what is not a representation of mental illnesses – mostly OCD as it is the one I know best. So try to squash my freedom of speech and I will squash your self-esteem in you thinking you’re clever, because you’re not.

I will speak, I will correct someone if they misrepresent an illness, and if you don’t like it? Well, just hide the comment. No need to send me threats because I disliked the content on your stupid little LAD bible page. So childish, I suppose those idiots are away crying to Mummy and Daddy to get their noses wiped and their asses cleaned for them because they’re so upset that someone dared to correct an idiot in their misrepresentation.

After all, threatening online is the highest form of pathetic that I cannot even express how distasteful it is.

Freedom of speech, and if you don’t like it? Well, ignore it. So there, this is to the idiots who can’t seem to fathom that OCD is an illness and not a quirk. I pray that you will grow a brain and increase your intelligence somewhat 🙂 Enjoy your day, idiots.

Of course, those of you who actually have a brain and who read this, this is not aimed to you because you actually have a brain and use it and do not misrepresent mental illnesses and make it harder for actual sufferers to figure out what OCD is. So thank you to those who try to correct idiots,  and thank you to those who do not stigmatise or misrepresent OCD.

Sorry about the angry post, but I needed it off my chest. More relevant posts to mental health coming this Friday.

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