Rain is soothing.

Do you ever take a moment to sit and listen to it?  To stop. To appreciate it? When you open the door, you can smell a distinct smell which only applies to rain.

The air feels damp. The ground too. When you walk, you hear the sound of your feet sploshing against the ground.

I don’t know why I’m writing about rain, but listening to it is quite relaxing. For this moment in time, I’ve gotten five minutes of silence in my mind, and it’s wonderful.

I know soon enough, the overwhelming, racing, thoughts will be back. But for this moment, I’m going to appreciate the semi-silence and listen to the rain.

Think of how it seeps into your clothes, the chill it brings. Think of the sound of the rain as it beats off all things in its path. Think of the wet beneath your shoes as you walk in it, or the wet of a gate as you touch it on your way past.

The pitter-patter of rain is soothing. The thought that it brings life is another soothing reason.

Sometimes I wish I could stand in the rain, without looking mad. To stand and observe it, to feel it on the skin, to listen to it and bask myself in it.

Rain which, I wish, could wash away my thoughts, and replace it with softness. Replace it with good things. To be part of it.

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