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Today’s post isn’t going to be a long or educational one, but rather just a few thoughts. I was reading a brilliant post a few days ago from one of the blogs which I follow, and the author asked readers to describe the bravest thing they’ve done today (I’m adding the link to the brilliant blog post after this).

It had me thinking about the bravest thing that sufferers do in general. We might do a different brave thing everyday, we might face a new issue every day. One that might take its toil and leave us so stressed that it feels like the walls are closing in. That not even screaming would help, but you need to do it anyway. It might be the same issue as before, it might be new. However, facing these issues, fighting them….well, I think that’s very brave indeed. No matter if it’s getting out of the bed in the morning, or speaking up in a room with people, I think that these are very brave actions and we should spend a moment in the day just thinking of the bravest thing you’ve done that day. To realise how difficult it was for you and how proud you should feel for doing it. Whatever made you brave today, realise it. Take notice of it and think of how you feel now that you’ve done it.

Some things are easier for some people, and the same things difficult to others. We shouldn’t compare one persons bravery to anothers bravery. No one knows what it’s like to be in your shoes, and things that you might think are small, are huge things to others, and vice versa.

So take a moment everyday, and think about what the bravest thing was that you did that day and congratulation yourself for getting through it.

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  1. This is a post that I can definitely relate to. Thank you for sharing it with us. I am following your blog so that I can read more.

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  2. Hey there, just want to say a huge THANK YOU for being honest about bravery in your life and for sharing my post. The best part about blogging for me is sharing and learning from other bloggers, especially when it comes to “aha!” moments in mental health. Looking forward to following your posts!

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    • Thank you so much! Your post really inspired me and I thought it would be helpful to others! No one ever takes time to think of the brave things they do daily, and maybe it would help us feel better about ourselves if we do. Thank you for inspiring me! You really are a talented writer

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      • Thank you so very much! Writing is what has pulled me out of some very dark places. I think writing has so much power to heal because we can say things we’d never say out loud. And you’re right, those of us with mental health challenges don’t spend NEARLY enough time recognizing what we do well. It’s taken me a long time to even begin to start. But I’ll keep trying! 🌟

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