Upcoming post – Sleep

I have written another post, although I’m unsure when to post it. I don’t know if I should upload once a week, or twice, or just whenever I feel like it. At the very most, the post might be released on Friday, if not sooner. The post is about the impact of sleep on mental health. I wanted to do some research on it and thought it would be best to post my findings.

The post has some content about how I’ve struggled with sleep and how it’s impacted me, but it also has some facts and figures and looks at various things. What is the impact of lack of sleep on mental health, and what is the impact of over sleeping on mental health? Also mentioned are some tips for getting a better nights sleep in order to improve your well being.

The post will be published on Friday the 16th of September, if not sooner. Hopefully it helps some of you out there.

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